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Rescuers shocked by heartless note found with abandoned dog

Abandoned dog tied to a pole is finally rescued dog-sad
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Scooter the dog had his world turned upside down when his master was arrested and taken away in a police car.

By Dawn Parrish , 28 Apr 2019

An eventful day

Eric was travelling with two of his pals and his dog Scooter, when he was apprehended by a policeman. Unfortunately, Eric had previously been in trouble with the law for possessing an illegal drug, so he knew he wouldn’t be let off lightly. As he was bundled into the police car to be taken to the station, Eric asked that his two pals take care of Scooter, his terrier.

Dog is tied to a pole and abandoned

Unfortunately for Scooter the terrier, Eric’s two pals were obviously not dog lovers. They abandoned the small dog by tying him to a tree, just a few metres from where his master had been arrested at the rear of Muv fitness studio in West Columbia. These uncaring, heartless guys left a note with Scooter that read “Free Pup. My name is Scooter. Owner went to jail today”!

Abandoned dog found with a note is rescued

Luckily for Scooter, only a couple of hours passed before the dog was discovered tied to a pole. It was beginning to get dark when Blanca Anahi Cushman and her cousin came across the cute pooch. She untied the little dog, and scooped him up into her arms, wondering how anyone could be so heartless and abandon an animal in such a way.

Everyone falls for the terrier’s charm

Scooter was taken to the dog shelter, South Eastern Homeless Animals organisation, where all the staff fell in love with him. The 6-year-old terrier is being well taken care of, has a good diet and has been given all of his updated vaccines. One of the carers at the dog shelter took Scooter home with her to foster him until Eric is released from jail.

A warrant has been made to arrest the two so-called pals of Eric, who abandoned Scooter and mercilessly tied the dog to a post. Let’s hope that they are picked up very soon and receive just treatment for the cruel way they behaved towards the little terrier.