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Lucky dog has a near-death experience in his own back yard

dog almost got killed in his own back yard during stormy weather dog-wow
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It was Sprocket's lucky day when he avoided a catastrophe in his own back yard.

By Dawn Parrish , 28 Apr 2019

Sprocket's owner watched her dog running around the garden having fun, and suddenly she couldn’t believe what she was seeing right in front of her!

Terrible weather hits Ontario

Just a few days ago, the icy weather in Ontario, Canada made a turn for the worst. Nobody wanted to go outdoors, least of all the dog, even for a toilet break. However, once out in his own back yard, the dog began to sniff and run around as he normally did when outdoors. What no one expected of course, was that this storm would cause a catastrophe, a terrible incident.

Sprocket is a very lucky dog

While he was out in the back yard for a pee, his mistress watched Sprocket from the window. She certainly didn’t expect to see a tree falling right down into her back yard. Luckily for the dog, he noticed that the tree branch was creaking and that if he didn’t move pretty fast, he was going to be in danger.

Sprocket’s owner, who saw the whole event, said that she was very shocked. The whole thing was captured on the security camera at the front of the property. She was amazed to find that Sprocket had noticed the tree branch falling and had luckily managed to sprint out of the way, just in time.

The dog almost got killed in his own back yard

Everyone is very relieved that Sprocket survived the event and is safe and well. However, the garden didn’t do so well – The wall and the barbeque have suffered some damage, but these things can easily be made good again. Things would have been a lot worse if the dog had been caught under the falling tree.

Sprocket is now over his huge shock and is doing well at home, once again playing in his own back yard.



Posted by Ben Lucier on Sunday, April 15, 2018