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Family astonished at what they find in the basement of their new house

Pitbull dog discovered chained up in the cellar of a house dog-angry
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A family had the shock of their lives the day they moved into a new home. They descended the stairs into the basement cellar and made an amazing discovery.

By Dawn Parrish , 28 Apr 2019

It certainly wasn’t what this family expected when they moved into their new house. Yet by purchasing this new home, they actually saved a dog’s precious life.

Settling into their new home

Everything is going well for the family as they slowly begin to adapt to their new home. They explore each room before going down to the basement cellar. Here, they are astonished to discover a Pitbull dog, fastened with a chain and surrounded by urine and dog poop. The smell is overpowering, yet they still cannot believe their eyes.

Restrained dog is so happy to see them

The family were unsure what to do – was the dog going to be vicious and aggressive towards them as they were strangers to her? They contacted the Stray Rescue Association of St. Louis and asked for help to rescue this poor dog who had been chained up for goodness knows how long!

As the guy approaches the dog and descends the basement steps, its very apparent that the Pitbull hasn’t seen any humans for a long time. She appears to be very excitable and bounces around, barking at her rescuer.

Chained dog is finally released from the basement

The dog was released by the rescue team, who renamed her “Jumping Bean”. The family who bought the house were obviously very relieved that the dog was no longer imprisoned in their basement. The Pitbull is now residing at the Stray Rescue shelter, where she is being cared for and enjoying all of the attention.

Its vitally important that anyone thinking of adopting or owning a dog, makes sure that they have the time and means available to be able to care for and love the animal just as it deserves.

This is Jumping Bean's Story

The call came in: "I just bought a house and there is a pitbull chained up in the basement. I'm not sure how long it's been down there." Just when we think we’ve heard it all. This is Jumping Bean's story.

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Sunday, March 11, 2018