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Cats see each other through window, owners turn it into a viral love story

These two cats can see each other through the window - and the internet has gone wild for it. cat-wow
© kenziecoffman - Twitter

A cat has taken a fancy to another cat that lives opposite and the whole affair has gone viral on Twitter.

By G. John Cole

Published on the 28/04/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Simon, orange, has never proven himself a very sociable cat in the past. But since spotting his neighbour in the window opposite owner Mackenzie Coffman’s LA flat, the cat has been keen to make a connection.

 “He's definitely used to other animals,” Coffman told The Dodo, “but never really played with the other cats in the [‘cat-’] café.”

But then:

“I was in bed and I woke up to Simon whining at the window,” Coffman continues. “I looked up and to my surprise saw a cat sitting in my neighbour's window. I've lived in this apartment for two years and have never seen their cat.”

It’s just cats on windowsills

Coffman, an actress, immediately sensed the potential drama in the situation. Thinking back to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” music video, she penned a sign as though it was written by Simon (the cat) and stuck it up for her neighbour to see.

The neighbour replied with a sign apparently from their own cat, Theo.

In a twist to the tale, the neighbours were already aware of Simon.

“They said they always see Simon but didn't know what to call him so they've been calling him Chester,” says Coffman.

Cats gone viral

Unfortunately, Theo doesn’t seem to think much of Simon/Chester.

“When Simon sees Theo he chirps at the window and paces the windowsill,” Coffman continues. “Theo, on the other hand, glances at Simon maybe twice and then continues to look in the opposite direction.”

Likely, he still calls him Chester even though he now knows his real name: “that Chester bloke.” “You mean Simon?” “Yeh.”

Since the story went viral, with 300,000 likes and nearly 100,000 retweets, the owners of both animals have produced a small industry of spin-off Twitter and Instagram accounts. And the cats will probably meet this week. Will they be as underwhelmed as they seem in the inexplicably popular video footage? Watch this space!