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Video shows black Labrador’s fab response to getting the best present

The dog on the right went nuts when he met the puppy on the left dog-happy
© gillianrobles00 - Twitter

What’s the best present a person or dog could receive? According to a black Labrador named Arden, it’s a little puppy.

By G. John Cole , 27 Apr 2019

And who could disagree?

Box of cute

Despite the evident cuteness of Arden’s fluffy apprentice, it’s difficult to say which dog is more adorable in the viral video that shows him unwrapping his gift.

Is it Stella, the tiny Golden Labrador puppy waiting patiently, hidden in a file storage box on owner Gina Robles’ lawn? While she’s inarguably adorable, young Stella doesn’t do much in the video except for look a bit overwhelmed by the fuss she’s caused.

Or is it her new mentor, Arden, who seems to suspect what’s in store before he pries the lid off the box with his nose? The waggle-dance Arden performs around and around his new sibling is what has won the ‘hearts’ of over 1.2 million Twitter users, and over a quarter of a million retweets, too.

Owner Gillian Robles was pretty chuffed to welcome a third quadruped to her family (Indy, a bizter ‘with attitude,’ does not feature in the video). But nobody is happier than Arden at this latest development.

Peer pressure

Meanwhile, other dog owners have wanted ‘in’ on this viral success. Twitter user James Colaianne responded with a video of his own pooch, an aging Goldie named Fletcher, checking out Arden’s tape on a mobile phone. Fletch’s response is one of intrigue and respect.

Under pressure to provide Fletcher with his own ‘little gift,’ Colaianne points out that the dog already has plenty of good company in older sibling Winston.

But still, what could be a better present than a puppy?

Meanwhile, Robles, Arden, Stella, and Indy continue to wow followers on their shared Instagram account