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Dog plays with foster kittens and melts the internet's heart

Large dog gently plays with foster kittens dog-cat-wow
© Same Pearson - Twitter

Large dogs are usually quite aloof around small kittens, but Ruadh, a Ridgeback dog is an exception to this rule. This dog loves to play with foster kittens whenever he can.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 26/04/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

When Sam Pearson, a mobile sandwich seller, recently posted a video of two cute foster kittens, he didn’t expect his post to become an internet sensation. His sister is caring for these two kittens for the Cat Rescue Centre in Wanaka. They were discovered at only two weeks old, by the Ridgeback dog when out walking with his human owners’ Paddy and Katy, thrown out onto the side of the road. Now Ruadh, a large dog has taken these two adorable foster kittens under her care.

Dog cares for and play with tiny kittens

The two foster kittens have been named Toa and Mane. The large Ridgeback dog, whose name Ruadh means “red”,  has great fun with her kittens, as she plays gently, yet all the time pulling at a piece of string. Of course it’s a natural reaction for felines when playing to chase after a piece of string or ribbon, but for these two foster kittens, playtime with the large dog is just so much fun! Even when the cats are playing with a paper bag, Ruadh continues to tease them and play tug-of-war with the string.

Two foster kittens now searching for their forever home

When Sam posted a video of the dog gently playing with her foster kittens to social media, it gained a lot of publicity. Not only does the video melt the internet's hearts, but the attention may just help to find a new permanent home for Toa and Mane, although in reality, it looks like they’re settled already with Paddy and Katy, Ruadh’s owners.


What a difference a few weeks makes! This is mana and toa who we took in from approx 3 weeks of age..after being found...

Posted by Cat Rescue Wanaka - CRW on Saturday, April 20, 2019