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Blind dog named Amos has his very own guide dog

Amos the blind Staffie cross dog has his own guide dog to help him dog-happy
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Amos, a blind Staffie cross dog has become best pals with 9-year-old Border Terrier, Toby. Toby acts as his guide dog even helping Amos to locate his water bowl.

By Dawn Parrish , 26 Apr 2019

When Amos, this adorable blind pooch was born, staff at the dog’s home had problems trying to find someone to adopt him. Luckily, Jess Martin, who works for the HR department of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, was volunteering at the dog shelter and knew she had to offer the blind dog a new home.

The blind dog and the Border Terrier become inseparable

After a shaky start when the two dogs were quite wary of each other, Amos, the blind dog and Toby the terrier are now the best of pals. Toby acts as his protector and guide dog, leading him when out on walks and even assisting Amos to locate his water bowl.

Initially, Jess wasn’t sure how the two dogs would get along, as the Border Terrier is an independent little dog. At first, Toby gave a few growls when he first met the blind dog, and it didn’t help that Amos hadn’t really socialised with any other canines in the dog shelter. However, it soon became apparent that the terrier was going to look out for his new doggy pal and help him in whichever way he could.

Border Terrier becomes the blind dog’s guide dog when out walking

Of course, Amos cannot see who, or what is approaching him when he is out walking and this can be quite scary for him. Other dogs aren’t aware that the pooch is blind and cannot see them to socialise in the normal way that dogs do, sniffing and smelling around each other. But Amos needn’t worry, with Toby as his guardian to protect him and look out for him, he will be fine out in the big wild world!

The blind dog will always be protected by his guide dog, his terrier pal and bodyguard.