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Almost game-over for dog who swallowed a Nintendo game

Staffordshire bull terrier mix needs emergency surgery after swallowing Nintendo game dog-wow
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4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Rocco lives in Scotland with his family. It was just earlier this month that sweet Rocco began to show symptoms that worried his humans.

By Justine Seraphin , 25 Apr 2019

Indeed, Rocco suddenly lost all appetite and began to vomit frequently. Anxious, to say the least, his owners rushed him to the vets.

X-ray reveals source of ‘Nintendog’s’ illness

With no idea as to what could be causing this, the vets decided to perform an X-ray on little Rocco. They were baffled at the results. The dog had a small rectangular object in its stomach. Immediately taken in for surgery, the object was removed and revealed itself to be – a Nintendo DS game!

The strangest detail about this story is that Rocco’s owners don’t own a Nintendo DS, and therefore have no idea where the little game could’ve come from!

“He’s a rescue dog and we’ve only had him for about six months so the only thing we can think is that it was from his previous owners – who knows how long it’s been in there,” Sean Johnston, Rocco’s owner, told the Independent.

Not for playing

PDSA senior vet Susan Hermit explains that it was a close call for Rocky: “An object of this size trying to pass through the guts could have caused a deadly blockage or pierced his internal organs.”

The little dog is now making a full recovery and was back home with his owners after only one night at the clinic.

Remember to always puppy-proof your house! If you leave objects lying around, chances are your pooch will pick it up, and bad experiences like Rocco’s are bound to occur!


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