Shelter dog is so scared she always stays in a corner

Former stray Iris stays in a corner of her kennel dog-sad
© Laurel-Ann Dooley - Facebook

Iris stood out from the other dogs at Fulton County Shelter. While most residents at the rescue spend their days sticking their heads out from their kennels, awaiting to be pet and loved on by potential adopters, Iris does the exact opposite.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 25/04/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

A call for help

When Laurel-Ann Dooley, volunteer at the shelter, first laid eyes on her, she knew something was terribly wrong. She immediately made an appeal on Facebook to find a foster home for Iris as soon as possible.

“To say this sweet pup is terrified is more than an understatement. Iris is completely shut down and just pancakes on the floor, pushing her nose as far into the corner as it will go. She lets me pet her but remains cringing against the wall. No treat will tempt her – she is not interested in eating,” she wrote.

As shelter staff explained, Iris had actually been picked up from the streets of Georgia as a stray. Having never known people or life between four walls, the busy and noisy kennel environment was proving excruciatingly difficult for her.

Prayers answered, and a new life begins

Luckily, social media worked its magic, and soon enough, a former vet tech named Lin Rocke offered to take in the petrified pup.

“I turned to my husband and asked him to please let me do this. I know how to nurse a terrified, starving, heartworm-positive dog back to health,” Rocke told the Dodo.

Despite moving to a quieter and calmer space, Iris still needs to gain confidence with humans. She continues to spend most of her time in a corner of her crate, which is, at the moment, the only place she feels safe.

But Lin has hope for the shy girl, especially thanks to her other dog, Letty.

“Iris definitely gravitates to Letty. She trusted her immediately and moved from the top of the crate to be closer to her.” With Letty’s encouragement, Iris is taking baby steps towards leading a real dog life.

As Lin herself so rightly says, all it will take is patience. “Infinite patience for the fact that our entire world is alien to her.”

We hope to hear positive updates about Iris in the near future!