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Video of cat playing in a room full of tissue paper goes viral

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© CatPusic - Youtube

Pusic the cat has become an internet sensation after his owners posted a video of him tearing up a room covered in toilet paper.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/04/2019, 16:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Pusic lives in Belarus with his cat mum and dad. In 2014, they found Pusic abandoned in a cardboard box near their apartment building. The poor kitty was crying out for help, and the pair knew they had to take care of him.

A quirky little character

Pusic grew into a healthy cat, but he soon began revealing a few quirky character traits. He wasn't interested in conventional cat toys; he preferred tearing up roles of toilet paper. Speaking to BoredPanda.com, Pusic's cat dad said:

“We found out about Pusiс’s passion for toilet paper when he was little. He liked playing with it but we didn’t really encourage him as we try to keep our home in order.”

But Pusic was in for the treat of a lifetime when his owners covered their living room with his favourite "toy."

“We recently decided to let him remember his youth and gave him all the toilet paper he could wish for," said his owner. "Not small pieces, rather cover our entire room in it and try to catch his reaction.”

Pusic spent about thirty minutes tearing up the toilet paper, and it's hard to imagine a happier looking cat.

The video quickly went viral; it now has over 100 million views on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Fans of the video were just as impressed by the efforts of Pusic's owners.  One comment says, “he did this for his kitty! I love this guy!”

A very lucky cat 

It must have taken quite a while to clean up all the mess. When asked why they'd gone through so much trouble, the couple responded by saying:  

“It’s important to find time for your pets and let them enjoy life. To them, your attention and efforts are priceless.”

Pusic is one very lucky cat!