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Mira the Miracle Kitten makes an amazing recovery

Mira made a miracle recovery cat-happy
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A poorly kitten defied everyone's expectations after overcoming some incredible odds.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/04/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Mira the miracle kitten was brought to the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA  along with her kitty sibling and mum.

Mira had a tough start in life

The whole family was in bad shape. They were suffering from respiratory and eye infections. Their foster carer, Tara Seignue, began expecting the worst. She told LoveMeow:

"The kittens were very sick and not expected to live. I was basically asked to bring them home so they could pass in comfort instead of a cage. After two days, sister passed, and it was just her and her mom."

The surviving kitten needed to be feed with a syringe and required daily steam baths to unblock her airways.

"[I] stayed with her every night, with her sleeping on my chest. A couple of times Mira stopped breathing, but I got her back," Tara said.

It took over two months of constant care before Mira's condition started to improve. Then, after she began to walk, Tara noticed that this kitty was a bit wobbly.

The vet diagnosed Mira with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but even that couldn't stop this miracle kitten.

Mira began putting on weight, and it became clear that this kitty's will to survive was stronger than anything life had thrown at her.

Mira finds her forever own

Mira was put up for adoption, but she'd already found her forever home. Tara filled out the required paperwork, making Mira a permanent member of the family:

"It was the happiest day," said Tara. “I actually cried."

Mira still has her little quirks but is otherwise developing into a healthy cat:

“She never gives up. She'll get where she wants to go, just flips and flops, taking a little longer to get there," said Tara. "Nothing will keep this girl down.I've seen stories of animal survival but never known or seen it first hand until her. Her perseverance and determination are a wonder. She really is an inspiration.”

It looks like Mira the Miracle Kitten is certainly living up to her name!


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