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Reaction is so sweet of dog saved from drowning

Man holds dog out of water during rescue attempt dog-happy
© Optrex. YouTube

A YouTube video of a man’s successful rescue of a dog from drowning has become a viral sensation. 

By Nick Whittle , 23 Apr 2019

Filmed on a mobile phone by a group of friends, the video shows a young puppy struggling to climb out of the icy waters of what appears to be a reservoir, its sides too sloped for the scared dog to gain purchase. 

The video then features a man who, having dragged the dog out of the water and onto an outcrop of concrete, risks his own life to bring the dog to the safety.

The dog is clearly nervous about the prospect, but the man lifts the animal ably by the scruff of its neck and carries it to where his friends have observed the unfolding drama. 

No worse for wear the dog steps onto dry land and is clearly overjoyed at its being saved. 

Generally speaking, dogs are better swimmers than humans. They have a lower centre of gravity, four legs rather than two, a better lung capacity and fur to keep them warm even when it is wet. Some breeds of dog also have webbed feet. 

Experts warn against heroics

The experts’ advice is to call the emergency services if you spot any animal in trouble in the water. As tempted as we may be it is too risky to attempt the rescue of a floundering animal due to the fact that even inland waterways and reservoirs are beset by strong under currents. 

In 2009 Darren Greenan and Laura Frey jumped into the river Garnock at Kilwinning in Ayrshire to save their two dogs who were struggling against the flow of the river which had quickened following unprecedented downpours over two days. Both died in their bid to rescue the dogs as did the dogs themselves. The couple’s baby daughter who had been left in her pram survived.