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Dog's grave dug after 'false alarm'

Dog watches man dig a small grave dog-happy
© @franklinhardy. Twitter

When a vet suggests to the owner that their dog must be put down they need to be pretty sure they’ve made the right call. 

By Nick Whittle , 23 Apr 2019

Unfortunately, for one vet from Los Angeles offering that advice to the Franklin family not only caused them to prepare for the worst but branded him somewhat of an amateur when it comes to matters of the heart. 

The father of Californian Franklin Hardy was more than a little upset to be told by the local vet that the family’s golden labradoodle was at death’s door. Allegedly the vet was adamant the dog must be put down immediately and that he’d, ‘do the deed at their home’. 

That afternoon the pooch looked on with great 'stoicism' as a heartbroken Mr Hardy dug a makeshift grave in the garden. 

Arriving at the house the vet checked the dog over one final time only to claim after doing so that his advice about putting the animal down had been a ‘false alarm’. In fact, there was nothing wrong with the dog.

Close calls

Franklin Hardy took to Twitter to deliver the astonishing news to his followers some of whom were nevertheless concerned about the dog’s health. Some others  shared their own stories of similar ‘close calls’. 

@Queen_Gene wrote: ‘The vet recently told my sister, based on what she said, that it sounded like her 17 year old cat needs put down. She brought the cat in. The vet checked the cat. It turns out the cat was fine but jealous of the new dog and wanted attention. The dramatic cat is good now.

@masonerose wrote: ‘One time my dad was convinced our very old cat was about to die and put him in a box before we went to school/work but an hour after we came home this cat strolls up to us meowing like it never happened. Cat lived on for another 3 years.

Hardy later allayed their fears with a later Tweet to say the dog was ‘doing famously’.