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Blind kitten regains sight and sees his mum again for the first time

Blind kitten regains sight and reunites with his mum cat-happy
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At only a few weeks of age, a little kitten suffered from a severe virus causing him an eye infection. Due to this infection, his eyes became covered in large plaques of hardened pus, making it impossible for the little feline to see.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 23/04/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

This little fighter was born in a litter at the back of a garden, from a stray mother. The owner of the garden regularly fed and cared for the stray family, and soon noticed that something was terribly wrong with the runt. His eyes were completely covered by muddy-looking ‘sunglasses’.

A bleak outlook for the blind kitten

The kitten was clearly blind from his ordeal, often bumping into obstacles. Not being able to keep up with his siblings, he was often kept apart from the group, and didn’t receive much attention, except of course, from his extremely loving and protective mother.

The man soon called for a vet, who, after having removed the scabs from the kitten’s eyes, realised that his state was a lot more serious than he has previously believed. He promptly took the kitten to the clinic to begin a treatment for the regeneration of his corneas.

Miracle: blind kitten sees again

After a few days of treatment and intensive care, the kitten made an incredible recovery. Though blurry, he was able to regain his full sight!

The most touching part of this story is that the kitten was able to return and have a heart-warming reunion with his mother, who had been visibly agitated during his absence.

Now reunited with his family, the little kitten can resume a happy life – he can finally find his food, play with his siblings, and know where to go for mum cuddles!

The owner of the property he was found in is also delighted at the kitten's happy ending: "I will try to take good care of him from now on, hoping we will live happily together with [his] family."

We hope this sweet little fighter lives a long, happy life indeed!