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After being mutilated by cruel humans, Peppino the dog finds his fur-ever home

Peppino the dog has a new home after recovering from firecracker mutilation dog-happy
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Peppino, who was tortured as a stray, has now fully recovered and is living his best life in his loving new home.

By Justine Seraphin , 23 Apr 2019

Peppino was a stray when cruel humans decided to torture him for pleasure. They stuck a firecracker up his nose, and let it explode, thus mutilating a large part of his face. He was left to die in a puddle of his own blood in the Molise countryside.

Mutilated dog makes an incredible recovery

Fortunately, he was found by passers-by who contacted the Animal Protection Association of Campobasso. Though he was trembling with fear when they picked him up, rescuers were able to take Peppino to their clinic for emergency medical treatment.

Peppino miraculously made a great recovery. Perhaps even more impressive than his physical transformation, was his emotional one, as shelter staff described it: “That gaze of yours communicated the greatest terror, the deepest: to trust and be betrayed by people you naively, innocently, thought were friends. Seeing those eyes of yours change and come back to being curious, bright, and playful, was pure joy for everyone”.

Peppino is happier than ever

Peppino has now been adopted by one of the families that frequently foster animals from the APAC. He now has two doggy siblings, as well as one human sibling too. The family truly is a dog-loving one. They know how to properly take care of and pamper their dogs, and will never let anything bad happen to Peppino ever again.

Now that Peppe has found a new life full of love and joy, the shelter staff, deeply touched by his ordeal, only have one message for him: “Be happy. Because that’s what matters at the end of this whole story; may you be a loved and happy dog. And though it is the end of our journey together, for you it is the most beautiful of beginnings: that of happiness”. 


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