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Return from the dead: dog digs himself out of the grave

Dog is buried alive but digs himself out of the grave dog-wow
© irina.mudrova_open_your_hearts - Instagram

It’s a few months too early for Halloween ‘tails’, but this dog nonetheless shocked Russia with his incredible escape from the grave. 

By Justine Seraphin , 22 Apr 2019

Dik, 18, was recently found motionless on his blanket by his elderly owners in Novonikolsk, Russia. Though they tried everything they could to wake him, the dog remained still and unreactive, leading the owners to believe that he was deceased. They therefore, with great heaviness of heart, organised an official funeral for their beloved pet. 

Not ready to rest just yet

A shallow hole was dug in the ground, and the little dog was deposited inside before being covered in dirt. 

But what happened next is leaving the whole world shocked. Shortly after being buried, the little dog awoke! Seemingly he had just been sleeping very deeply. He dug his way out of the shallow grave and made his way to a nearby motorway. 

Resuscitated, rescued, and reunited

Good Samaritans noticed him on the side of the road, and stopped to pick him up. They drove him to ‘Otkroi Svoe Serdtse’ (Open Your Heart) shelter, where he was medically examined and taken care of by staff members. Once the pup had recovered from his ordeal, the shelter was able to put him up for adoption and post pictures of him on their social media. 

When they discovered the pictures of their ‘deceased’ dog, the owners could not believe their eyes! They immediately contacted the shelter to get their little miracle back.

Irina Mudrova, head of the shelter, describes the owners’ reactions: “His owners, two elderly sisters, came to take him home and cried. They were very grateful and donated 5,000 rubles (£60) to our shelter”. 

Honest mistake or true case of resuscitation? Either way, we’re glad little Dik is back with his loving family.