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Touching story of Snoop the abandoned dog

Touching story of Snoop the abandoned dog now has a new home dog-happy
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The touching story of Snoop, the abandoned Staffie dog reaches the whole world. However, this sad story has a happy ending!

By Dawn Parrish , 22 Apr 2019

The tale of the abandoned dog began on Christmas Eve last year. In the town of Trentham, at the corner of Pacific Road and Timor Grove, a cruel, heartless owner threw Snoop out of the car, together with his dog bed, then drove off leaving the dog behind, chasing after his master’s car.

The terrified dog is rescued from the street

Luckily for the abandoned dog, two passers-by noticed him and called for help. Snoop was of course, terrified, shivering and unhappy. CCTV footage from a nearby house captured the images of the Staffie dog being abandoned. This video of Snoop caught the attention of many pet lovers around the world who saw the heart-breaking news. Several celebrities, including the rap star Snoop Dogg came forward hoping to adopt the abandoned dog.

Snoop is off to a new loving home

After going through so much trauma in his life, Snoop has now been adopted by his lucky new owner, Laurence Squire. This new “dad”, who lives in the countryside in Hertfordshire, had spotted the Staffie on news footage on the TV, and the touching story of the abandoned dog pulled at his heart strings. Laurence just knew he had to help Snoop by offering him a new home with him.

Luckily, Laurence works from home, so that Snoop can remain by his side for most of the day. The abandoned dog does suffer from separation anxieties which is only natural after the way he has been treated by his previous owner. However, he is now proving how loyal he is to his new owner, by barely leaving his side.

The happiest dog in the world

Its true, today this abandoned dog is now one of the happiest and contented pooches around. He is allowed to sleep on the sofa next to his new master, and curls up in front of the fire. He is now in his forever home.

Snoop the abandoned dog has been rehomed

Remember Snoop? He's found a NEW HOME ??

Posted by BBC Radio 1 on Tuesday, March 12, 2019