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Puppy goes missing at the claws of an unlikely kidnapper

Puppy survives owl attack dog-wow
© Foothills Animal Rescue - Facebook

The incident occurred on an evening at the end of March in Arizona, USA. 12-week old Latte was playing in her foster family’s backyard with her siblings. While under the watchful eye of her foster mum, Latte suddenly disappeared around the corner of the house. That was enough time for her kidnapper to take her ‘under his wings’.

By Justine Seraphin , 21 Apr 2019

Foster mum Bonnie Ziegler immediately shared a message on the Foothills Animal Rescue Facebook page in an attempt to find the lost baby. She explained that she had seen poor Latte being snatched up by…an owl! The bird of prey was probably hunting and found little Latte appealing enough to take back to its nest for a bite.

Little puppy, big fighter

This incredible disappearance got many people’s attention, and the message was quickly shared all over social media. And soon enough, the puppy was found! She had been dropped by the owl (who probably found her too heavy or wiggly to continue carrying, thank goodness) onto the Troon Golf Course, where golfers found her nearly 12 hours after she was taken by the predator! 

Her ordeal was NOT a hoot

As a result of the attack, little Latte was badly injured. The bird’s long, sharp claws had left painful wounds on the puppy’s skull and neck. The foundation valued the cost of her treatment at $4,500. 

But since Latte’s story had already gone viral, the Foothills Animal Rescue quickly collected the funds needed for her recovery, thanks to the donations of caring animal lovers. In fact, so much money was donated, that there was enough to go around for the care of all the other animals in the shelter. 

After a weekend at the emergency veterinary clinic, Latte was able to return to her foster family. Although she is still tired and runs out of breath quickly, she is making a speedy recovery. Soon, she will be taken into her fur-ever home, where she’ll grow too big for any owl to ever want to take its chances with her!