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Woman brings her injured cat to the vet’s, what he discovers shocks him to his very core

X-ray of cat with a bullet in its spine cat-sad
© Giovanni Secchi - Facebook

The events took place in Sassari, Italy, where a woman rushed into the vet clinic with her injured cat. Seeing her panic while she held the profusely bleeding animal is a scene Dr. Giovanni Secchi will likely never forget.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 21/04/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

The tiny village of Li Punti is home to no more than 6,000 people. In this quiet hamlet, lives a monster who apparently takes pleasure in committing the worst possible acts of cruelty.

The tragic revelation

Only a few days ago, a panicked woman rushed into Dr. Secchi’s clinic, telling him that she had come home from work to find her cat collapsed on the courtyard floor and covered in blood. Dr. Secchi was able to find a feeble pulse, and took the cat in for emergency treatment straight away. Although the poor cat was suffering from hypothermia, and visibly suffering, the clinic veterinarians did everything they could to stop the bleeding.

To find out why the cat was bleeding so much, Dr. Secchi performed an X-ray on the sickly animal, and soon discovered a horrible truth. It was clear: the cat had been shot. The bullet was still firmly planted in his spine.

Once he knew the source of the bleeding, Dr. Secchi removed the bullet from the poor cat’s spine, and began to clean the wound. Despite his efforts, the little soul stopped fighting later that evening.

A strong message shared on social media

This is unfortunately not the first case of an animal being shot in this region. The owner, though completely heart-broken, was not surprised.

This infuriated Dr. Secchi, who took to Facebook to share a message:

“I just wanted to say to the one who shot (and to all the people who like him, hate animals and are used to these heinous gestures) that you not only hurt, made invalid, and killed that animal, but you also destroyed the person who adopted him, and his whole family. You probably don’t even know that animal, it could be the best in the world and keep company to people who are sick and didn’t deserve to die because of your stupidity. You don’t know the story of the family that adopted him, maybe he was chosen because he could provide psychological support, was indispensable to overcome a trauma, and your gesture affected everyone. You hate animals so much and you think you are better than them, proving how rotten a human being can be. You play by shooting, poisoning, or torturing animals, you’re not a man, you’re just frustrated. I can’t even wish you death because you’re already dead in life.”

This message has been shared 4,000 times on Facebook. The people touched by this tragedy hope that this will help bring awareness to the animal cruelty problem in Italy, and prevent more cases from occurring.


Avviso ai residenti di Li punti: qualcuno in questo periodo ha l hobby di sparare agli animali, fate attenzione e denunciate il fatto alle autorità!

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