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3-month old puppy found burned, beaten and left to die in dumpster

tiny puppy creully burned and beaten in Paris dog-angry
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A woman discovers a tiny puppy behind a rubbish bin. She was shocked to find it had been burned, beaten and left to die in a cage.

By Dawn Parrish , 22 Apr 2019

During a walk around the 9th Arrondissement in the city of Paris, a lady heard an unusual noise coming from behind the waste bins. When she approaches and peers behind, she discovers a tiny bundle of fluff, making whimpering sounds and covered in blood.

3-month old puppy is in a terrible condition

The abandoned pup had been placed into a pet cage just like a piece of rubbish! The little dog was cowering in the corner and really afraid of the woman as she approached him. It was clear that the pup had been cruelly abused, beaten and burned. How could anyone treat a defenceless animal in such a way?

Abused pup needs urgent medical treatment

The small dog was named Puccino. It appeared that he was in a shocking state of health.  Not only was he bleeding from wounds, but his coat had been almost totally shaved off, then covered with a yellow dye. It was apparent that the 3-month old pup needed urgent help as infection and injuries tortured his tiny body.

Ill-treated puppy gets life-saving treatment

Although she was in a state of shock, the woman who found the puppy rushed to the local Police Station for help. The Animal Assistance Foundation responded quickly and came immediately to the abused pup’s aid. Puccino was rushed to the vet’s surgery where a full medical examination was carried out.

It’s wasn't good news for the 3-month old dog. The vet confirmed that the puppy was suffering enormously because of his many abscesses and injuries. He was anesthetised so that the vet could treat his wounds. It seems that the poor dog had been burned with cigarettes, tasered, and punched with some sort of tool.

How can anyone be so cruel!

It is amazing that anyone can be so vindictive and malicious towards this 3-month old puppy. Its certainly good news that after his medical treatment, Puccino is now feeling better and will hopefully soon be adopted by a caring new family. He owes his life to the kind lady who discovered him in a Paris street.


Notre petit "Puccino" s'accroche à la vie et réagit bien aux traitements. Son état de santé n'est pas encore stable mais...

Posted by Fondation Assistance Aux Animaux on Friday, April 12, 2019
"Puccino" est en vie.

“Puccino” n’a même pas 3 mois et a déjà vécu l'horreur. Ce chiot, retrouvé en plein Paris mardi dernier, a été jeté comme un déchet entre la vie et la mort après avoir été torturé. Il ne portait pas moins de 17 brûlures sur son corps de 1,5kg. Dans ce reportage, enquêteur, vétérinaire, soigneur et animalier de la Fondation témoignent. Nous tenons à vous remercier pour les milliers de messages de soutien reçus. Tous vos signalements et les nombreux partages ont permis de nous aider dans cette affaire. “Puccino” est en vie et ses tortionnaires seront condamnés. Nous nous le sommes promis et nous vous en tiendrons informés. ? : Jo Vuk Tous droits réservés Fondation Assistance Aux Animaux

Posted by Fondation Assistance Aux Animaux on Wednesday, April 17, 2019