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Guy finds genius way to clip his dog’s nails

Guy uses purse to clip dog's nails dog-happy
© KendalPeifer - Twitter

It was always a nightmare trying to clip Oliver the Boston Terrier’s nails, until his dad came up with a genius, albeit unexpected, plan to keep him calm while being clipped.

By Justine Seraphin , 20 Apr 2019

Oliver is one lucky dog. Not only because he was rescued and adopted by his family, but also because his family cares so much about his well-being. Every dog lover knows that nails need to be clipped once they get too long. But not all dogs know that. And Oliver is certainly very averse to the subject matter. Indeed, Oliver HATES getting his nails clipped, and became quite restless every time his dad tried to trim them down.

Dad gets creative

First, he heads off to a charity shop to purchase a hand-bag. So far, makes sense right? No? Oh well you see, when you attach said hand-bag to a pull-up bar and cut holes in it, it becomes the perfect beauty harness Oliver never knew he needed.

Once placed inside, Oliver was the perfect height for his dad to proceed with the manicure, and was secure enough that he could not wriggle his way out of the procedure.

Kendal Peifer shares hilarious scene on Twitter

Adorable Boston Terriers get a lot of likes. But adorable Boston Terriers with adorable dads? Now that goes viral. The simple post now boasts over 82,000 shares and 329,000 likes, with people saying according to Kendal, “how genius the idea was” AND “for my dad’s phone number and saying how good looking he is”. 

The Tweet has also received an array of hilarious responses from people commenting on Oliver’s somewhat defeated look: “I’m a good doggo and this is how they treat me? I see where we stand.” “This is my life now.” “He could’ve at least put me in a Gucci bag.” “Thou hath forsaken me.”

Sure, Oliver doesn’t look ecstatic, but isn’t he lucky to have a family who cares enough about him to do everything they can to make him happy? We think so! Happy clipping!