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Whose up for some pampered pets?

Mariah Carey carrying pet dog dog-wow
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What self-respecting aristo doesn't want to lavish riches and comfort on their pet?

By Nick Whittle , 20 Apr 2019

Although some of us will raise our eyebrows at those who bestow their pets with luxuries there is none so likely to cause controversy than the richest of the rich, who will flaunt their wealth at every chance they get.

Despite everything we hear of Britain’s austerity there are those who would rather we knew that their dog has its own apartment and is fed gourmet delights from a menu fit for a king! So, for those of you interested in this sort of thing here is just a sample of what it means to be most pampered pet in the word.

It is said that Mariah Carey hired a personal chauffeur to drive her dog J.J. across America when the airline with which she intended to fly refused to let her dog travel first class.

Last year Kylie Jenner instigated the building of an entire house for her three dogs Norman, Bambi and Sophia. The house is even thought to be fitted with air conditioning.

The Beckhams enjoy covering their dogs up, but not from the cold. Olive and Fig who share the couple’s easy life are often seen beneath blankets wrought from the hands of Louis Vuitton.

Online personality Sophie Hinchliffe has given her dog Henry an entire room of her house. If that wasn’t devotion enough Hinchcliffe (otherwise known as Mrs Hinch) has provided a double bed for Henry into which she tucks him every night.

Media personality Paris Hilton arranged for her home to be built in miniature just for her dogs. The home has two floors, air conditioning and designer furniture.

If the generosity of these five celebrities causes you to gasp, fear not, because everything is relative: your stepping into Morrison’s to buy a bag of rawhide for your pooch is in every respect just as generous. Furthermore, you will without doubt be rewarded with as much enthusiastic thanks as were these owners.


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