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Chihuahuas recovered from abandoned stolen car

Small dog held by police officer dog-wow
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South Yorkshire Police has appealed to the public for information following the discovery of two young dogs in a stolen car.

By Nick Whittle , 19 Apr 2019

In the early hours of yesterday (17/04/19) police gave chase of a car containing two suspects who are believed to be from the Doncaster area. Police believe the men had stolen the car and added false number plates in an attempt to bluff ANPR cameras.

Shortly after they were tailed the suspects abandoned the car in the road and fled the scene causing officers to give chase on foot. Not able to find the wanted men police officers then turned their attention to the car. Inside the stolen Vauxhall Corsa they found two small Chihuahua puppies.

In a statement, the force said: ‘The two occupants of the car the driver left behind are staying with us whilst we make some enquiries as to why the car was on false plates and where the puppies have come from.

The two dogs are now being cared for by the police, but if they are not claimed within so many days they are likely to be sent to a local shelter to be re-homed. It is unclear whether the dogs were the escapees' rightful possessions.

To let your dog stray is a crime

In line with the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 an owner who fails to look after their pet’s welfare will be prosecuted. It is a crime in the UK to fail any animal by causing them to be astray, sick, hurt or agitated, and such a failure whether deliberate or accidental is dealt with by way of a criminal prosecution.

If found guilty the owner may be fined by an amount up to £20,000 or sent to prison for as long as six months.

Of the case of the Chihuahuas, South Yorkshire Police ask that anyone with information leading to the capture of the driver or passenger should call them on 101 and quote incident ‘8’ of April 17th.