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Senior cat learns to high-five in quest to get adopted

Senior cat is finally adopted after learning how to high-five cat-happy
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A stray senior cat has amazed everyone by being able to offer a high-five gesture.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 19/04/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

When an elderly cat was discovered wandering around the streets in New Jersey recently, she was picked up and taken to the Monmouth County SPCA shelter. The senior female cat soon settled into her new surroundings and quickly made friends with the volunteer carers.

Senior cat is very content in her new temporary home

Staff at the MCSPCA gave the kitty the name Lynette Baguette and they soon discovered that any affection she offered to humans was certainly on her terms. The elderly feline was suffering from arthritis which appeared to cause her lots of pain, but once she was prescribed medications and other treatments to help her, the cat soon began to relax and settle in. So much so, that all she wanted to do was sleep the day away. This of course, wasn’t going to help with getting her adopted.

Will the senior cat ever be adopted?

Lynette Baguette, the contented feline, was enrolled onto a training scheme, the Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Program, that would help her to come out of her shell. Using positive reinforcement training routines, Lindsay, her new trainer hoped to encourage the senior cat to become more confident around other people. It became apparent, once Lindsay discovered Lynette’s favourite treat, that the kitty would raise her paw to reach out for the snack.

The training programme works well and soon the cat is giving high-fives

The adorable senior cat was soon enchanting everyone who met her with her new skills at reaching out to high-five. Lynette Baguette was feeling more settled at the rescue centre and even began to approach and mingle with the other feline residents. Her real character began to appear. Staff at the kitty shelter began to post updates on social media about the senior cat’s new tricks in the hope that a new family would be able to adopt her.

The senior cat who gives high-fives is adopted at last

It didn’t take very long before someone came forward after viewing the amazing videos of her showing off her talents and personality. After living at the cat shelter for more than a year, where she slept for most of the time, Lynette Baguette, the adorable senior cat now has a new home with her adopted family.


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