Border Collie saves her best friend from being hit by car

Watch this dramatic rescue dog-wow © RM Videos - Youtube

CCTV footage caught the dramatic moment when a Border Collie rescued her best dog buddy from being a hit by a car.

By Ashley Murphy

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The pair of pooches, a Border Collie and a Chihuahua, were playing a regular game of fetch when things almost took a deadly turn.

A dramatic rescue

The short clip shows their owner crossing the road before getting into a large SUV. But just as she starts backing out of the driveway, the Chihuahua dashes into the icy road. Thankfully, the border collie spots the oncoming danger. She rushes across the street and scoops up her little doggy-sister just in time.

The owner is seen getting out of the car. Visibly shaken, she gives her dogs a big hug. And of course, there's an extra few strokes and cuddles for the super dog responsible for this incredible rescue. The owner said:

'I saw something in my mirror. First I thought I had crushed my dog.'

The incident took place in Quebec, Canada, during last February, where the icy conditions made the rescue even more dramatic.

This isn’t the first time a Border Collie has come to the rescue. Last year, Freckles heard some unusual noises coming from inside a bin. She alerted her owner, who then discovered three Border Collie pups who’d callously been abandoned by their owner. Sadly, two of the pups didn’t make it. The third, Holly, now lives with Freckles and her owner.  

One of the top dogs

Border Collies are considered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Although they’re popular among pet owners, Collies are essentially working dogs. They’re still used to herd flocks of livestock, while many compete in agility and herding competitions all over the world.

Border Collies are alert, agile, and quick-thinking.

It looks like this super dog used all her skills to save her best friend!

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