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Surprise! Family discovers anything but chocolate on their Easter egg hunt

5 kittens quickly turned into 24 cat-wow
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It's great finding chocolate on an Easter egg hunt, but you know what's even better? Finding kittens! And that's exactly what happened to this family who is now living with 21 cats!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 12/04/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Mike Shirley-Donnelly and Delicaye Shirley-Donnelly from San Jose, California, discovered the first batch of kittens over two years ago, during an Easter egg hunt they had planned for their children in the garden.

The kitty portal

First, they discovered 5 kittens, and then a sixth kitten appeared at the bottom of the garden! A few days later number seven showed up! Had some kind of kitty portal opened up? Or was there a more rational explanation?

After some investigating, the couple figured out where all the kitties were coming from. A pair of abandoned unspayed females had been making "friends" with the local feral tomcats. Now, three years later, the couple has raised and rehomed 24 kittens.

24 kittens later

The Donnellys have taken this opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering:

“Every cat that ended up being born in our yard was the result of TWO unfixed female kittens being abandoned by their owners,” wrote Mike. “Two cats + feral toms = 24 kittens in one year, and that is with us ACTIVELY trying to trap/neuter/release. If we hadn't? CATPOCALYPSE.”

The couple have now moved to a new house, but they won't be forgetting about the kitty portal for quite some time. After all, they've got 24 little reminders!

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