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Couple discover "kitty portal" at the bottom of the garden

5 kittens quickly turned into 24
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A couple who discovered a kitten portal in their back garden is now living with 21 cats!

By Ashley Murphy , 16 Apr 2019

Mike Shirley-Donnelly and Delicaye Shirley-Donnelly from San Jose, California, discovered the first batch of kittens over two years ago.

The kitty portal

They had no experience of caring for kittens and now had five to look after! And then just as they were getting into a routine, a sixth kitten appeared at the bottom of the garden! A few days later number seven showed up! Had some kind of kitty portal opened up? Or was there a more rational explanation? Speaking to The Dodo, Mike said:

“Jokes about our backyard being like ‘Stranger Things,’ the upside-down but full of cats, were all over the place in our friend circle.”

But after some investigating,   the couple figured out where all the kitties were coming from. A pair of abandoned unspayed females had been making "friends" with the local feral tomcats.

Now, two years later, the couple has raised and rehomed 24 kittens.

24 kittens later

“Every cat that ended up being born in our yard was the result of TWO unfixed female kittens being abandoned by their owners,” wrote Mike. “Two cats + feral toms = 24 kittens in one year, and that is with us ACTIVELY trying to trap/neuter/release. If we hadn’t? CATPOCALYPSE.”

The couple moved to a new house, but they won't be forgetting about the kitty portal for quite some time. After all, they've got 21 little reminders!

“The house is just full of love,”  said Mike. “Most of the cats are insanely loving and purr on physical contact; we have one that purrs when he sees other cats being pet, it's amazing. They're all family; there are hardly any scuffles. Everyone gets attention and litter boxes never go unchecked.”