Sophia Bush mourns the loss of her beloved pitbull

sophia and penny had a very special bond dog-sad © sophiabush - Instagram

Actress Sophia Bush is mourning the loss of her pitbull-mix Penny.

By Ashley Murphy

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She revealed the news via her Instagram account a week after Penny's passing. Sophia wrote:

"We lost our sweet Penny girl last Thursday. We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know how quickly the day would be upon us. For the last seven days, we’ve cried, laughed, and missed her with an ache that is hard to describe.”

Best of friends

Sophia adopted Penny from a rescue shelter back in 2015. It was love at first sight, and Penny soon made best friends with Sophia's two other pit bulls, Griffon and Patch.

“I loved Penny from the moment I met her. She was a special, wild, rambunctious little thing. Tiny. Sweet. With giant ears, always at attention. The three dogs were inseparable. Always touching. Always sleeping in a tangled pretzel. Seeing them look for her in the house makes my heart catch in my throat. He misses her too. We all do. Sure, Penny was mine, but she was truly ours. She was family.”

Sophia is trying her best to focus on the happy times with Penny. She knows that having a pet can change your life for the better and is encouraging others to open up their hearts to a little pooch:

"It’ll change your life. It’ll blow your heart open and teach you how big it is,” she wrote. “It’ll fill your house with laughter and love. And leave you better than you were before.”

It's always good to talk

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience. Dogs are part of our families and losing one can leave a big hole in our lives. So never be afraid to share your feelings with close friends or family members, and always seek additional help when needed.

The Pet Bereavement Freephone Service offers advice and support to grieving pet owners. The lines are open every day between 8.30am – 8.30pm.


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