Two loving dogs stayed by dying baby’s side

Group of medical staff pose with picture of baby Nora Hall who died in 2016 dog-sad © Nora Hall, Miracle Baby - Facebook

Days before infant Nora Hall passed away her family’s dogs paid her a visit and refused to leave her side.

By Nick Whittle

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It was in 2016 that five-month-old Nora Hall suffered a massive stroke which left her paralyzed and in a coma. The unusual affliction caused doctors to struggle to find a way to reverse the effects of the stroke and to bring Nora back from unconsciousness. Despite their efforts there was no change to the baby in the days and weeks that followed.

The outlook bleak for the child’s survival, her family asked staff of the Minneapolis' Chidren's Hospital whether Nora's favourite Basset Hounds Gracie and Grumpy could join them at the baby's bedside. Fortunately, the hospital was keen to allow the Halls whatever they needed in order to cope with the harrowing time.

With the Basset Hounds by her side the family finally admitted that nothing more could be done to save Nora. Doctors had already warned mum and dad that in her present state their baby would soon suffer a heart attack.

A vigil until the bitter end

The dogs refused to leave Nora’s side and stayed until the bitter end.

She died with her dogs at her feet,’ Mum Mary Hall said shortly after her baby’s demise, ‘while we hugged her, sang songs, caressing her, telling her how much we loved her.’

'Goodbye, baby girl. We love you so, so very much. Words will never be able to explain how much we miss you. We are so sorry for all of the things you had to go through and would have done anything to save you.

'Nora IS our miracle. After reviewing everything, her team of doctors told us that they were absolutely amazed that she made it this far without having any serious complications from her underlying genetic condition’.

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