Mother dog thinks her puppies are gone forever, has beautiful reaction when they meet again

Mother dog cries when she is reunited with her babies dog-wow © Thomas Catterall - Youtube

This amazing video shows the love of a mother dog. She seemingly cries with emotion when she sees her puppies again, after they were taken from her shortly after birth.

By Justine Seraphin

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Coincidence, or real tears of joy? This short video of a mother crying for her babies left the internet completely speechless. Many believed the dog cried when she was reunited with her babies, who had been taken away from her shortly after they were born.

Experts say dogs can’t cry

Though the notion of a mother dog crying with joy when reunited with her puppies is endearing, experts say dogs cannot cry with emotion. This does not, of course, imply that dogs do not feel emotions, which they most certainly do, and quite deeply at that! They simply do not show their emotions with tears, in the same way we do.

If a dog produces tears, something is not right. If this lachrymation is constant, it can even indicate an underlying health issue, including disease.

Tears show an underlying health problem

The production of tears, also called epiphora in ophthalmology, may be caused by an external stimulus that acts as an irritant. A momentary irritation is, of course, harmless and therefore not worrisome. This is also typical in some breeds, such as the Maltese, Lhasa Apso, and Shih Tzu. However, epiphora can be a symptom of a much more serious eye problem.

Medical reasons a dog could be tearing up:

-    Trichiasis (eyelash grows abnormally into the eye)
-    Eye infection
-    Unusually large lacrimal glands
-    Unusual opening of small tear duct
-    Glaucoma or other eye disease
-    Entropion (inverted eyelid)
-    Brachycephalic syndrome
-    Ear infection
-    Side effect of some medications
-    Exposure to smoke
-    Poor quality diet
-    Stress
-    Teething in puppies

In any case, if you notice your dog is ‘crying’, we recommend you take him to see a vet as soon as possible. It’s better to be on the safe side!

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