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A trip to the groomers gone wrong...this Husky is having a really bad hair day

Shaved Husky dog-wow
© hannahgomez44 - Twitter

We’ve all been to the hairdresser's ones and come out not looking, well…not the way we want to look. Believe it or not, this happens to our canine companions too. 

By Justine Seraphin , 14 Apr 2019

This Husky was way overdue for a cut. Although you wouldn’t necessarily think of Huskies needing haircuts, these Siberian pups shed A LOT of fur in the warmer months, and sometimes, professional help is needed. 

That’s what Hannah wanted when she took her pup to the groomer’s. A simple, very minor shave just to lighten the load – so her dog would be more comfortable in the hot weather and the shedding would not be as bad. 

Good, dog, bad hair day

Sadly, the trip to the groomers did not go as planned. The groomer seemingly took the word ‘shave’ very literally, and proceeded to shave the poor Husky right to the skin…leaving him looking quite bizarre!

Well, its better to laugh than to cry in these situations, so Hannah took to Twitter to share her dog’s ordeal. Many people shared in her shock/humour, and offered her support and advice. 

Not a great look but still healthy as can be

Of course, Hannah had to precise that her dog was in perfect health and didn’t seem bothered at all by the fact that he was missing his luscious fur coat: “He’s oddly enough the happiest he’s ever been so I am not worried. Remember world peace and that is there actual people out there who abuse their animals intentionally!”

We can’t all have perfect hair, doggo. We hope that your coat will grow back fast, and just as full and shiny as it was before.