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Fallen hiker thought she would die in remote moorland...but was saved by her dogs

Two border collies rescue woman after she falls and breaks her leg in a remote moorland dog-wow
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A runner fell while out on the moors and breaks her leg. Luckily, her two border collies come to her rescue.

By Dawn Parrish , 14 Apr 2019

Pita Oates, a keen runner who was running over moorland terrain, on Great Hill, near Chorley, fell and broke her leg. Unable to even stand alone, let alone walk or run for help, she thought she would die in this remote location, with only her two Border Collies by her side.

The border collies help to rescue the runner

The woman had already run quite some distance and appeared to be well away from any civilisation. She had no hope of anyone hearing her calls from a nearby house. Her two Border Collies, Merlyn and Buddy remained right next to her, as if they were aware that she needed urgent help, after she falls and breaks her leg.

The only hope for Pita to get some help was to inch her way slowly down the remote moorland pathways. As she moved tentatively and obviously in lots of pain, one dog remained right by her side. The other collie ran around her, barking for help, trying to alert any passers-by.

Border collies attract attention

Luckily for Pita, a local walker heard the dogs and saw the terrible situation that Pita found herself in. He immediately called the emergency services, who came to her aid. When medical help arrived at the moorland scene, Pita was suffering from hypothermia and was drifting in and out of consciousness. She was rushed to hospital for urgent treatment. A broken femur and two torn ligaments resulted in surgery to her leg and a having titanium plate fitted.

Thankfully, after the fortunate rescue by her two border collies, the Social Worker is now on the mend after her recent hospital stay.


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