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Small dog found burned alive still fighting for his life

Dog with burns stands on blue floor in front of camera dog-sad
© Ospedale Didattico Veterinario Sassari - Facebook

A dog deliberately set aflame is making a gradual recovery thanks to the stalwart efforts of the Sassari Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Italy.

By Nick Whittle , 14 Apr 2019

Discovered abandoned in wasteland on the outskirts of Sassari, the dog – nicknamed Fuego – had burns across almost a quarter of his body. He was taken immediately to the city’s veterinary hospital where he underwent intensive care and reconstructive surgery.

He remains in a critical condition but has, according to medical staff, at least ‘regained life’.

Fuego’s plight has since become national news. The dog, which was reportedly tied up before being covered in flammable liquid and set alight, has touched the hearts of the Italian people. Now the search is on for the perpetrator of the barbaric torture.

Reward for the capture of the 'heartless bastards'

A group of five local pensioners is even offering a 1000 Euro reward for anyone with information about who may have been involved.

In a Tweet Italian Interior Minister Matteo Slavini made clear his feelings about those responsible: ‘Remember the puppy being spoiled by the heartless bastards? Fuego is bruised but alive, and improves. A thank you goes to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Sassari for the loving care and for the updates.’

To the Facebook page of the Sassari Veterinary Teaching Hospital Fuego managed to post an update: ‘My clinical condition is stable,’ he writes. ‘The areas of necrotic tissue begin to take shape. I eat regularly and don't feel much pain because they are giving me a continuous infusion of opioids. Thanks to everyone who is rooting for me.’

The vet caring for Fuego was cautiously optimistic about the dog’s chances of recovery. ‘Unfortunately it is not out of danger yet,said Dr. Manuta, Health Director of the Veterinary University of Sassari. ‘Burns could give way to infections. These are important days. The dog continues to undergo extensive therapies, topical and systemic, antibiotic and analgesic.’

Police are investigating the crime but so far have drawn a blank.


Grazie a tutti per l'interesse che state mostrando nei confronti di fuego. Siete davvero tanti e purtroppo non riusciamo...

Posted by Ospedale Didattico Veterinario Sassari on Monday, April 8, 2019