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Grandma locked in dog’s play pen

Elderly grandma sits in dog play pen holds mobile phone up to ear dog-happy
© unadulteratedkr - Twitter

It may look like a still from the training video Where Is Grandma Not Allowed To Go?  But, as far as her family is concerned, in the dog pen is exactly where Grandma belongs.

By Nick Whittle , 13 Apr 2019

The latest picture to go viral on Twitter was taken by Seattle resident Katherine Oberg. Miss Oberg’s grandmother Dorothy is seen sitting plumb in the middle of the family’s dog pen, albeit none the worse for her confinement.

Oberg’s Basenjis Xandi and Zeva however look as though they have the freedom of the entire house (they’re even allowed on the couch).

Tweeps took it upon themselves to have some fun with Oberg. @ClaireabellGatr wrote: ‘Cracking up that grandma gets the hard chair & the pups get the couch. Get well soon!’, @nancytoby wrote: ‘You put Granny in a cage,’ @EllenPetruzzi wrote: ‘This is really cute! Thank you for sharing’ and @malibuanimal added: ‘Great idea for my mother in law!

When she realised how popular her simple snap had become Oberg was forced to come clean.

My grandma is recovering at my parents' place,’ she wrote, ‘after almost a month of post-op recovery in the hospital. Our dogs cannot be trusted around her still-healing stiches... thus, a solution manifests.’

Not that her explanation made things any less humorous for her followers. All in all though most of the comments Oberg received were sympathetic to her cause; after all, the last thing anyone needs after an op is a dog jumping around them.

Prevention is better than cure

If you’ve just had an op and you're keen to prevent your stitches from being undone by an over-excited dog take heed of these three rules of thumb:

•    Don’t greet your dog until she has calmed down: It is best to ignore your pooch if she is overly excited; try to avoid eye contact her until she settles. 
•    Distract your dog with a short game of fetch: Initiate a short game of fetch when you arrive; throw a toy into the corner of the room. It will actually calm her down more quickly than saying hello. 
•    Occupy your dog with a toy: Give your dog a toy or a food puzzle to hold in her mouth as soon as you walk through the door.