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Stray cat keeps her kittens warm until rescuers arrived

Stray cat gives birth to her kittens in terrible weather cat-sad
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A stray cat was discovered with her kittens, trying to keep them warm until rescuers arrived on the scene.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 13/04/2019, 06:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Athina Selina, one of the carers who looks after the felines at the Jersey Kitty Non-Profit centre, took a call from someone in the street who had spotted a stray cat giving birth underneath the steps of their home. As the weather was atrocious, the volunteer immediately went out to the location to check out the kitties.

A plea for urgent foster homes is placed

Athina knew that she would need someone to take in the stray cat and her kittens and to care for them, once she had picked them up. When she received a positive response from a foster carer, she headed off with a cat carrier to try and round up the mother cat and the baby kittens.

The mummy cat was in the same position under the steps so Athina began to pick up the kittens and place them into the carrier, hoping that the mother cat would soon follow. This plan didn’t work, and the stray cat soon began to scoop up her kittens and take them back under the steps.

Stray cat stays with her kittens

At a second attempt to capture the kittens, she called Morgan, another local rescuer who arrived at the location. She gently used a humane trap method by placing all of the baby kittens into the carrier. A blanket was placed over the trap, with the kittens behind the trap section. It wasn’t very long before the stray momma cat approached the carrier to find her babies. After spending three hours in the cold and the rain, the mother cat was finally safely captured, alongside her tiny new born kittens.

Stray cat and kittens are safe and secure for the night

The rescuers were very happy that the mummy cat and her new born babies wouldn’t need to spend one more night out in the cold weather. Athina settled them for the night in her home with enough food to last until morning.

Mother cat has an amazing surprise

When Athina got up the next morning and checked on the mother cat and kittens, she was very surprised to discover that during the night, she has given birth to a fifth baby cat. She had held off giving birth until the rescuers arrived. Certainly, if they hadn’t been rescued during the winter weather, it was doubtful that any of the tiny kittens would have survived at all.

The cat and kittens picked up from the streets are now with their foster carers, where they are all settled and feeding well.


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