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Sir Patrick Stewart is fostering another rescue pup

Sir Patrick and Emma have an amazing bond dog-happy
© SirPatStew - Twitter

British acting legend Sir Partick Stewart has adopted another homeless pit bull.

By Ashley Murphy , 12 Apr 2019

Famous for his iconic roles as Star Trek's Captain Jean Luc Picard and X-Men's Dr Xavier, Sir Patrick has also been playing the role of doggy-dad to pooches in need.

Back in 2017, he fostered a Pit Bull named Ginger, who has since been adopted by a loving family.

Following in Ginger's paw-prints

But it seems as if Ginger made quite the impression because Sir Patrick has just started fostering a second rescue Pit Bull named Emma:

"Meet Emma," Stewart wrote on Twitter earlier this month, "our new foster girl from the beautiful folks at Wags and Walks. She’s terribly sweet, and so so good. Sensitive, intelligent, and gentle ... all wrapped up in 38 pounds of pocket pittie-mix love."

Emma soon made herself at home. A recent video on Twitter shows her cuddling up to her new foster dad for a little afternoon snooze. And apart from the odd bout of snoring, Emma has been a perfect houseguest.

Although this is the second Pit Bull Sir Patrick has fostered, it's unlikely to turn into a permanent adoption. The knight of the British realm splits his time between the USA and the UK. And due to breed-specific legislation, he's unable to bring Emma into the UK.

Providing some vital support

Still, foster homes play a vital role in rehoming rescue dogs. They relieve much of the pressure placed on animal rescue services, which frees up resources to treat more rescue dogs.

Some foster parents will look after a dog for a few days, while others are happy to provide a temporary home for as long as it takes to find a forever family.

Emma was fostered through the Wags and Walks animal rescue organisation. Based in Los Angeles, USA, Wags and Walks was set-up in 2011 by Lesley Brog, the daughter of a veterinarian. Lesley was devastated by the number of dogs destroyed in overcrowded shelters and she's now helped over 4,000 dogs find a new home.