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Rescued cat raises baby dog as one of her own kittens

Rescued cat raises baby dog with her own kittens dog-wow
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A rescued cat cares for a tiny baby dog just like one of her own kittens.

By Dawn Parrish , 10 Apr 2019

Charlie, a new born puppy with an injured leg, was recently brought into a pet shelter in Agoura Hills, California City in desperate need of medical care. The baby dog, who was only a few days old, was transferred to the Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care centre by Wrenn Rescues. When the little pup was examined, it was discovered that his injured leg would require further treatment and surgery, and he was prescribed a course of antibiotics in case of infections.

Baby dog in need of loving care and affection

Jenifer Hurt, who normally cares for neonatal kittens, took on the challenge of caring for the baby dog. She took him to her home and began the demanding task of tube and bottle feeding him. As this was the first time she had cared for a neonatal puppy, she took specialist advice from Dr Rachel Wallace and Dr Carin Ferdowsian. Jenifer fed the tiny dog every 3 hours, even through the night and together with his antibiotics and pain relief medication, the little guy began to perk up a little.

Rescued cat is a fantastic surrogate mum

A couple of days later, a mother cat and 6 weeny new born kittens were brought into the rescue centre. Staff thought it was worth a try to see if the cat would accept Charlie, the tiny orphaned puppy, as her foster baby. The moment the canine baby was placed next to the cat mum, she began to lick the puppy and cuddled him into her with the other kittens.

Mother cat raises baby dog as one of her own babies

The rescued cat certainly shows lots of love and affection towards the little pup. Although she cannot feed him sufficiently, Jenifer is supplementing his diet with bottle feeds to ensure he receives the proper nutrients. The momma cat is very demonstrative as she raises the baby dog, washing his face and snuggling him in to her side. This behaviour is sure to help the orphaned pup’s development and health too.

Charlie the puppy is flourishing in his new foster care and is starting to open his eyes.


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