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Read the note this GSD left for her favourite mailman after she passed away

German Shepherd Gretchen left a note for her mailman dog-sad
© DeCuervo2 - Twitter

The tear-jerking note has left mailman Fernando Barboza and the entire internet choked up and at a loss for words.

By Justine Seraphin , 10 Apr 2019

Barboza is easily the neighbourhood dogs’ favourite mailman. Indeed, he never fails to bring dog treats along with him on his route. He knows the name of every dog in every house, and loves to spoil them with cuddles and of course, a little snack.

A recent stop at the Cimino house is less jovial than usual

In the mailbox, Barboza found a note that had been typed up by an elderly German Shepherd dog’s owners. It was stapled to a bag of dog treats, and explained that Gretchen, the dog, had passed away the day before, and asked Barboza if he would kindly distribute the treats she couldn’t finish to the other dogs on his route.

Barboza said he was left ‘choked up’ after reading the letter, and then knocked on Gretchen’s owners’ door to offer his condolences. He promised the family that he would honour Gretchen’s memory and share her treats with the rest of the neighbourhood.

A promise kept

“I’ve been giving out her treats to the dogs on my route every day. And when I do, I always say, “This is from Gretchen””, he told the Dodo.

Of course, the feeling is bittersweet. While he’s continuing to make so many dogs happy, he also misses his sweet friend. But Barboza knows he is doing right by the old girl.

“I know that she would have wanted her favourite things that she couldn’t finish to go to her friends. She may not have liked many people, but she absolutely loved other dogs,” he added.

Old dogs make great pets too

Once the story became viral on Twitter, Gretchen’s owner also commented on the story, saying Barboza helped Gretchen trust humans again after she was rescued from a difficult past.

He hopes this story will show people that “adopting older rescues is well worth it”. 

One thing is for sure, the friendship between Fernando and Gretchen was a special one, which will undoubtedly last forever.