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Check out this dog's adorable bedtime routine

Bentley has an adorable bedtime routine dog-wow
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Bentley, the Goldendoodle puppy, has raised the cuteness stakes with his adorable bedtime routine.

By Ashley Murphy , 10 Apr 2019

Bentley, a Golden Retriever and Poodle crossbreed, arrived at his new home with two prized possessions: a blanket and a stuffed dog toy. When it came to bedtime, Bentley would snuggle up to his comfort items and drift off into puppy dreamland.

An adorable bedtime routine

But as he started to get older, Bentley's habits changed. Kelly Madsen, Bentley’s mum, told The Dodo:

“He’ll bring his blanket, stuffed llama, a giant stuffed moose. He’s brought tennis balls, bones, peanut butter jars, one of our couch pillows, his own bandanas before...the list is kinda endless.”

Kelly said that each of Bentley's phases lasts for about a week. After that, he moves onto another comfort item. He even takes them outside when it's time to do his "business."  Kelly Madsen and her husband now refer to his toys as Bentley’s “Pee Buddies” or “Bed Buddies."

Nobody has figured the reasons for Bentley's quirky behaviour, although his dog-mum Kelly has a few ideas. She said:

“Our only attempt at a guess is separation anxiety because he loves being near my husband or me so it might give him comfort.”

A very happy (but slightly strange) little dog

But whatever the cause, Bentley is quite clearly a happy dog (albeit a slightly unusual one!) Still, his owners wouldn't change him for the world:

“He is the most loving and goofy dog out there,” Kelly said. “Almost nightly my husband and I talk about how lucky we are to have Bentley. He has brought so much love and joy to our relationship.”

He's also doing an excellent job keeping his social media fan-base entertained. Bentley's Instagram page has over 125k followers.

Apart from his "pee and bed buddies," Bentley's favourite things include ice-cubes and belly rubs.


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