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The vet couldn't help this rescue kitten, but a foster mum knew exactly what it needed

Willow is happy in her foster home cat-happy
© LoveMeow - Youtube

A stray kitten born with an unusual medical condition is on the road to recovery after finding a foster home.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 10/04/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Willow was just four-months-old when she arrived at the San Jose Animal Care Center. The poor kitty was weak and malnourished. She could barely stand up and had an unusual sideways head tilt. Willow needed lots of medical care, but the first thing she needed was a foster home.

Willow goes home

Joyce, a volunteer from Saving Grace Rescue, offered to take in Willow. She said, "On our drive home, she warmed up to me after some chin and belly rubs. We noticed she didn't try to run and just plopped down wherever we put her because she had no energy."

Her new foster mum spent the first two days feeding Willow by hand, but the kitten still had trouble standing, sitting up, and keeping her head straight. Joyce took Willow to a vet, but the experts were stumped. Speaking to LoveMeow, Joyce said:

"The vet didn't know what was wrong with Willow but said she didn't have an upper respiratory infection or ear infection. We don't know what happened to her before she was found, how she was found, etc.."

Without a diagnosis, Joyce stuck with a  treatment plan that involved lots of love and care. And it wasn't too long before Willow showed signs of improvement.

Willow began walking a little straighter and standing a little taller. She even started going on some adventures around the house.

"Now she comes out of her room to go to our room for love and cuddles," Joyce said.

Willow shows signs of improvement

Willow has also developed a playful side, a sure sign that she's growing into a healthy kitten:

"I was so very happy to see her chasing laser light," Joyce said. "We've been working with her daily to get her stronger."

Considering she's been with her foster family for only eight days, Willow has made fantastic progress! It turns out that this little rescue kitten was much stronger than she looked!