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True friendship: Cyclist bikes the world with a cat on his shoulder

Cyclists bikes the world with kitten cat-wow
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An avid cycler was living his dream and cycling the world, but when he bumped into a friendly little kitten, his life changed forever…

By Alice Lang

Published on the 09/04/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Dean Nicholson, a cycling enthusiast, was bored with the daily routine of his life as a welder and decided to embark on a real adventure.

But a few weeks in, whilst cycling up a hill in Bosnia, he heard a cute little meow...

An adorable kitten was chasing him

As Dean looked over his shoulder, he realised that a sweet grey and white kitten was eagerly chasing him up the hill. She clearly wanted to say hello!

Dismounting his bike, Dean spent some time with the little kitty, who was absolutely desperate for companionship. Every time he tried to leave, she followed him.

“As soon as I got her to relax, that’s when I decided to bring her with me," Nicholson said to The Washington Post.

Clearing some of his equiptment, Dean made a cosy little spot for his new feline companion and decided to take her with him to get her checked out at a local vet.

But the friendly little kitty wasn’t content with her designated space, and instead, took residence on Dean’s shoulder and nuzzled him for the rest of the journey. Cute, right?!

Dean immediately fell in love

After taking her to the vet, he discovered she was approximately 7 weeks old and had no microchip.

“So I was like, ‘I’ll just keep her,’”  he said. And we're so happy he did!

He called the little lady Nala, got her microchipped and made sure she had all the vaccinations she would need to cross borders. And now? Well, they’re completely inseparable.

“If you’ve got a pet, you know what it’s like,” Nicholson said. “You’re never alone. It’s true companionship.”

And now, they’re the best of friends

Dean made sure Nala was all kitted out for their round-the-world trip together; purchasing a cat compartment with window and good-quality harness to ensure she wouldn’t get lost.

“Nala stole the attention of every passing tourist and even managed to get me a free pint,” Dean wrote of the visit in December on his Instagram page. We're totally not surpirsed - it's literally the most adorable thing ever!

The best friends have had some incredible experiences already. They’ve travelled Albania and are now exploring Turkey. When autumn comes around, they’ll head for Georgia and eventually Australia.

And yep, don’t worry - Nala is going every step of the way with him. What a wonderful friendship - check out their video story below:


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