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Dog sneaks away from family and jumps on a commuter train to Dublin!

Dog takes commuter train to Dublin dog-wow
© IrishRail, GraceCuddihy - Twitter

Sometimes, life needs a little bit of excitement. Bored of the same old daily routine, Tyson the dog decided to spontaneously jump on a commuter train for an adventure…

By Alice Lang , 9 Apr 2019

Same old routine, just another day - yep, we’ve all been there! Well, it seems Tyson the terrier decided to do something about it…

Tyson jumped on a commuter train

Sneaking away from his family, Tyson jumped on a busy commuter train from Kildare to Dublin.

When the train arrived at the bustling capital city, friendly railway workers took Tyson under their wing as they realised he was ownerless. Completely baffled as to how he ended up spontaneously commuting to Dublin, they discovered that he didn’t even have a microchip.

As they didn’t know his name, they gave him the nickname Hamish and took to social media to spread the word. While they waited, dog-loving railway staff were only too happy to play fetch and take the adorable pooch for walks around Dublin Station (dream day at work, right?!).

Well, it does seem like quite an adventure for the hilarious canine!

But Tyson’s family eventually came forward

After staying a night at a local animal shelter, Tyson’s holiday came to an end. His family had finally seen the news and immediately called in to collect him. It turns out that Tyson had run off during home repairs and they’d no idea where he’d gone.

Well, we think this is an absolutely brilliant story - Tyson just wanted a holiday, after all! He seems like the ultimate free-spirit and was determined to get a dose of adventure - we should all be a little more like Tyson!