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Cavalier King Charles eats five bags of heroin but survives

X-ray picture of dog that swallowed 5 bags of heroin dog-wow
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A Cavalier King Charles spaniel that uncovered five bundles of heroin in a park and ate them is ‘lucky to be alive’.

By Nick Whittle , 8 Apr 2019

Adelaide residents Denis and Kathy Parslow had just returned home from a lazy day at the beach with their pup Shelby when they noticed the dog was not looking his best.

'We went to the beach that day and he was fine,’ recalled Mr Parslow. ‘When we got back home he wouldn't jump out of the car and wasn't as active as he normally is.’

It wasn’t long before Shelby’s health worsened. Just a few minutes after arriving home the dog began to vomit uncontrollably. The Parslows decided to take him to the vet. However, the vet could not determine the cause of the dog's sickness and so administered antibiotics. The couple was told to simply let the dog rest.

Downhill very fast

The drugs failed to bring an improvement of Shelby’s health and the toy dog deteriorated over the next few hours, forcing his owners to return him to the vet. Still unsure of exactly what was causing the illness, the vet decided to operate.

It was during this operation that five small bags of heroin were found in the dog’s stomach. Some had begun to leak but none had ruptured.

They put him on Narcan to take away the effects of the drugs that were in his body,’ said Parslow. ‘No one else has encountered anything similar and Shelby is lucky to be alive.’

Narcan is a medication given to humans to counteract the effects of an overdose of opioid drugs, but it only works in some cases; if the bags in Shelby’s stomach had ruptured the outlook would have been bleak.

The couple believes Shelby found the stash during an earlier walk in the park. ‘He had something in his mouth which was quite large so I challenged him and he swallowed it,’ Denis recalled.

The police seized the drugs and investigation is ongoing.


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