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Puppy rescued from beneath a pile of rocks adopted by firefighter

Fire officer holds brown and black dog rescued from rubble dog-happy
© North Charleston Fire Department - Facebook

A fireman from North Charleston, South Carolina has adopted the puppy he saved from certain death.

By Nick Whittle , 8 Apr 2019

On the 30th of March 2019 Captain Paul Bryant and the North Charleston Fire Department’s Engine 201 crew received a call from a member of the public who claimed they could hear the sounds of an animal in distress coming from beneath a pile of rocks.

The person who contacted the emergency services reported hearing an animal's 'yelping' from beneath the ground.

As soon as 201's team arrived on scene they realised that they needed to act fast to save the life of whatever it was that had become trapped. They worked tirelessly to shift the heaviest of the boulders so that Cpt. Bryant could reach his hand into a gap in the earth near to where the terrified animal lay.

Shaken but not stirred

To the surprise of the crew and onlookers, Bryant pulled out a young cross-breed puppy, no more than a few months old. The dog was shaken but was otherwise in good health, and incredibly it had survived its ordeal without so much as a scratch.

NCFDSC later posted on Facebook a picture of Bryant carrying the puppy away from the scene. The caption below the picture reads: ‘Just in case you wondered how cute the puppy is.’

The dog was immediately taken into care by the Charleston Animal Society. The Society’s vet checked the animal over for fleas and mites, and then the pup, which would later be known as Rocky, was vaccinated, neutered and fitted with a microchip.

The Society soon put Rocky up for adoption, hopeful that the story of the dog's rescue would melt the hearts of those who came to meet him. However, on Cpt. Bryant's next visit to see how the dog was getting on Bryant asked the manager of the home whether he could adopt Rocky.

Only too pleased to release the dog to someone they knew personally, the Charleston Animal Society granted Bryant (and Rocky) his wish.


Puppy rescue today by Engine 201 Captain Bryant and NCPD. This little pup was found by some bike riders who heard the puppy crying beneath a pile of rocks.

Posted by North Charleston Fire Department on Saturday, March 30, 2019