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This dog faints in the street…but its all an act!

English Bulldog fakes fainting in the street dog-wow
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The 4-year-old English Bulldog unapologetically threw himself to the floor, pretending to be unconscious, all in protest of a less-than-ideal walking route.

By Justine Seraphin , 8 Apr 2019

Why so dramatic?

Begbie is a talented actor. As his dog sitter was taking him for a walk, Begbie realised they weren’t taking his favourite route. And that was unacceptable. So he suddenly let himself fall to the ground, and lay there motionless.

The scene seemed so life-like that two men jumped out of a car to try and come to the poor dying dog’s rescue! But Michael Bilsland, the dog sitter, immediately reassured the passers-by and explained that this was typical Begbie behaviour.

A determined actor

Michael does know his little friend very well. Even though Begbie was able to fool the strangers in the street, he was unfortunately not able to fool his dog sitter into thinking that going in the wrong direction was literally killing him. Michael just waited for the time to pass and for Begbie’s tantrum to end.

Begbie did end up resuming his walk, although he was determined, and let himself ‘die’ again. Michael has learned to deal with the drama, and knows there’s no real solution other than waiting…

Michael documented the hilarious scene and shared it with the world, quickly realizing Begbie is not the only drama queen out there!

You can’t blame a dog for trying, after all…


New recruit Begbie reporting for walkies today! Big, beautiful, boisterous Begby, welcome to the gang!

Posted by Home Alone Crieff on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

So as I said to the two men who jumped out of the van to try and revive the 'dead dog'. Begbie isn't dead,..... he is...

Posted by Home Alone Crieff on Saturday, March 16, 2019