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Puppy loses an eye and two legs after getting hit by a train

puppy hit by a train loses an eye and two legs dog-sad
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In this recent tragedy, a tiny abandoned puppy was hit by a train and loses an eye and two legs. Would he ever recover?

By Dawn Parrish , 7 Apr 2019

A young puppy abandoned at a park in Hamilton, Ohio on 13th March, was lost and confused. In an attempt to locate his owner, the pup wandered onto a nearby train track. Tragically, he was hit by a train which caused devastating injuries.

Life changing injuries for the puppy

The puppy loses an eye, two legs, and his tail in this tragic accident. The impact of the train on his tiny body caused his eye to rupture and an amputation to both of his rear legs. This leaves him with such terrible, life changing injuries.

The puppy was taken for emergency medical treatment by the Animal Friends Humane Society. Trooper, as the pup was named, needed surgery to clean up the severe wounds, which entailed further amputation of his tail and both rear legs.  This allowed the surgeon to clean up the wound location and to apply sutures. As the puppy’s ruptured eye was damaged beyond repair, it was also removed.

Trooper makes a miraculous recovery

Despite these overwhelming injuries, the puppy was soon on the road to recovery. He appeared to have such a remarkable attitude to everyone around him and of course, he loved the attention and kisses and cuddles. Just a month after getting hit by a train, he is now feeling much better.

Puppy tries out a new wheelchair

To give the pup an opportunity to get mobile once again, he was offered a canine wheelchair by the Paw It Forward 4D Foundation. This supports his rear body and allows him to propel his body forward. He already has the hang of this new apparatus and is already moving along without any major problems.

The good news is that Trooper has now been adopted into a family that already have experience living and working with disabled animals. He will soon be leaving his current foster home and moving in with his new forever family.