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Stray kitten begins a new life off the streets and hasn’t stopped purring since

Stray kitten rescued from the streets cat-sad
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A tiny stray tabby kitten now has a second chance at life as she is rescued off the streets.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 07/04/2019, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

A cat lover in Philadelphia noticed a tiny, stray kitten wandering alone around the city streets. The kitty was cold and obviously very undernourished. Her rescuer took the tabby kitten to a nearby cat shelter, ACCT Philly, where she knew help was at hand.

Stray kitten has many health problems

The tiny kitty was really just skin and bone and in a very rough shape. Staff at the shelter diagnosed her as very dehydrated and suffering from constant diarrhoea, which can be very debilitating in such a small cat. With very little strength, and not eating despite her desperate hunger, NARPS Cats, (Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary), were contacted. She was taken into their invaluable care so that she could be given immediate medical treatment. Shauna, a NARPS Cats’ volunteer, said that the stray kitten weighed only 11 ounces and obviously had severe digestive problems.

The stray kitten is soon on the road to recovery

Staff at the feline medical centre named the stray kitten “Gretel”. Even though the kitty was in such pain, she never stopped purring when anyone showed her attention. She was rehydrated with subcutaneous fluids and she soon showed signs of recovery. During this time, she continued to enjoy the attention that the volunteers showered on her. Of course, the stray kitten taken off the streets needed other medical treatment too.

She needed a course of antibiotics for a gastrointestinal infection and also de-worming medication. Very soon, Gretel began to recover and gain weight. It wasn’t too long before she began to eat food for herself and to improve gradually each day. Of course, all the rescue volunteers were amazed to see how quickly the tiny kitten’s health improved. The stray kitten responded to their care and affection, by meowing and purring loudly at them, showing her appreciation.

Tiny stray kitten is now doing much better

Gretel has received two weeks of constant care and is well on the way to recovery. She has lots more energy and her weight has doubled with all the nutrient rich food she is now eating. The once-stray kitten is obviously enjoying her new life off the streets and will soon be on her way to her forever home.


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