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Expressive images of dogs catching treats taken for a photographic project

Amazing images of dogs catching treats dog-happy
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The odd expressions of dogs catching treats mid-air has grabbed the interest of many dog lovers.

By Dawn Parrish , 7 Apr 2019

A German photographer, Christian Vieler, thought it would be interesting to capture cute images of dogs jumping up to grab biscuits mid-air. He began snapping these images as part of a “Dogs Catching Treats” project in 2013.

His pet Labrador trialled the process of catching treats

Lotte, his Labrador, first caught his attention by accident, when Vieler was trialling out his new camera. Of course, all dogs love a treat and many will do a trick to make sure they receive the snack, often jumping up or reaching out, as they attempt to guzzle the delicacy.

Dogs' expressions caught on camera are so funny

The keen photographer continued to take images of many dogs catching treats for his project. He tried to depict the fun side of owning a dog, as these pooches anticipated, caught and enjoyed the delicious snacks. Of course, not all of the images showcase the dogs in their best light – many of them have the dogs looking sad, confused and even shocked. Some of the pooches were more successful at catching the treats mid-air, yet everyone one of these hilarious photos shows the dogs’ various emotions.

Of course, the photographer has favourite dogs

Christian, 48, has personal favourites out of the many images he has taken for the Dogs Catching Treats project. Two stunning Basset Hounds attempting to catch the treats together, a Poodle that looks as though his hair is standing on end and a Bernese Mountain dog snacking at the biscuit as it flies through the air.

The photographer has collated the cutest images together, into a book titled “Treat”, which we have no doubt will be a dog-lover’s best seller.


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