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Owners notice their dog stares at them throughout the night, the reason why is heart-breaking

golden retriever stays by bedroom door at night dog-wow
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This adopted Golden Retriever had the strangest habit, and his owners did everything they could to find out why. When they did, they had to let him know he was loved, and didn't have anything to worry about.

By Justine Seraphin , 6 Apr 2019

To find the perfect dog, a family went to a shelter to adopt an animal that would best suit their lifestyle. That’s when they met an adorable Golden Retriever and fell instantly in love. Once they had taken the sweet dog home, everything was going for the best. The dog was affectionate, playful, and seemed to love his new life. There was just one habit he had that was quite strange.

A sleepless dog

Every night, when his new owners went to bed, the Golden Retriever stayed at the bedroom door, staring at them. Not that strange so far. The weirdest thing was that the dog was still there, in the exact same spot and position, the next morning when the owners woke up. This happened recurrently every single night. 

Soon, the owners began to worry about their beloved pet. They therefore decided to bring their dog to the vet’s for a check-up. The vet checked the Golden from head to toe, and concluded that the dog was in perfect health. He had no idea why the dog was staying up all night, staring at his owners. 

A traumatic experience

Determined to get clarification on this strange behaviour, the Golden Retriever’s owners return to the shelter to ask more questions about their dog’s past. And they immediately understood why their dog was acting so bizarrely.

Staff at the shelter explain that before leaving him in the shelter, the dog’s previous owner had drugged him. Once his dog was sleeping from the drugs, his owner brought him to the shelter. The poor boy slept through the whole ordeal, and when he awoke, found himself behind bars, alone, confused, and without his owner to console him.

This story touched the new owners’ hearts, and they set out to make sure their pet would understand he would never be abandoned again. They placed his bed right next to theirs. A few days later, a miracle happens.

The sweet dog lies in his bed, and falls asleep, reassured that everything was going to be alright. 

Golden Retriever sleeps soundly in his bed
©Terrifive - Youtube