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Speechless man sees young girl surrounded by German Shepherds (video)

5 year old girl plays with 14 german shepherds in a field dog-wow
© Frode Larsen - Youtube

When you see a 5-year-old girl alone in a field, surrounded by 14 German Shepherd Dogs, you could start to worry. But this is not the case in this story, because Pernille is apparently not like other little girls.

By Justine Seraphin , 5 Apr 2019

A true dog-trainer in the making

Pernille is 5 years old and lives in Norway with her family and their 14 German Shepherds. A dream life for any dog-lover, and for Pernille in particular, who is obsessed with her pack. She was filmed while playing with her pups, and with this short video, proved to the world how good she is with her four-legged canine companions.

In this video, you can see the 5-year-old throwing grass up into the air. Immediately, the dogs respond to her invitation for play-time by running up to her and jumping into the air to catch the falling bundles of grass.

Child’s best friend

A truly pure and innocent scene, in which Pernille is visibly confident with her dogs, knowing instinctively how to interact with them, and not feeling overwhelmed by their presence in the slightest way.

However, remember children should always be supervised by an adult when in the presence of any dog, even the kindest ones.